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Redcliffe Harness Racing Club Summarized for Punters

The Redcliffe Harness Racing Club, located in Redcliffe, Australia, is a racing facility that specialises in harness horse racing. Harness horse racing is much like more traditional saddle horse racing, but is characterised by the jockey being pulled in a wheeled cart behind the horse, as apposed to the jockey riding on the horse. Harness horse racing has a slower pace than saddle horse racing, but provides exciting betting opportunities for punters.

The Redcliffe Harness Racing Club provides a full entertainment experience for guests, beyond the pleasure of watching live horse racing. There is a dining facility that overlooks the horse races, offering delicious gourmet meals that may be enjoyed as the races occur. There is also a café for those enjoy an excellent cup of coffee, and even a bar that houses a number of casino games. All in all the Redcliffe Harness Racing Club is an experience that can be enjoyed by groups of friends, or by a whole family who is interested in Australian horse racing betting.

Redcliffe Track Information

The track at the Redcliffe Racing Club is professionally maintained by an experienced team, providing excellent racing conditions for every event that occurs. The circumference of the track is 835 meters, with official race lengths coming in at 1780, 2040, 2280, and 2613 metres, depending on the race that is being run. Note that the whole track is visible from the dining facility via a breathtaking panoramic window, providing an excellent experience for those who wish to enjoy a meal while the races are underway.

On Premises Betting Facilities

The Redcliffe Harness Racing Club has a professional, licensed betting facility on the premises, allowing guests to make wagers as they watch the horse racing events live. Time is given before each race is started for any bet makers to make their way to the betting station and place an official wager. A ticket will be given that may be used to collect winnings, should the beat be successful. Note that the racing events are tracked via viewing monitors in the dining hall and in the bar.

In order to collect winnings after a race a bet maker must return to the station and present the ticket with which the bet was made. It is, therefore, very important that a bet maker keep the ticket after placing a bet, as no winnings can be paid out if a valid ticket is not presented at the betting station, under any circumstances.

Internet Betting Options

It is also possible to bet on racing events at the Redcliffe Harness Racing Club via online bookmakers. All the races that occur at Redcliffe are listed at online bookies, meaning that you do not have to be at the track to take part in the action. Each horse in the race will be listed with odds, which determine what payouts will be on successful bets. Be sure to keep in mind that betting odds are determined by the bookmaker at each website, and may change depending on which bookmaker you visit.