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An Exclusive Introduction to Dota 2 Betting Online

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA, game that is available for free play on the World Wide Web, and serves as the sequel to the massively popular Warcraft III modification Defense of the Ancients, or Dota. It is famous for having a very cut-throat scene, and, since 2011, has handed out more than $20 million in prize money, far more than any other game of its type. There are more than 10 million players engaging with Dota 2 each month, and it is by far one of the most well liked online games. The large amounts of money to be made as a result of Data 2 online betting is the reason for its popularity, and players and punters alike are dipping their feet in this pool, sometimes with very profitable results.

How Play for Dota 2 Unfolds

Dota 2 has players split into two teams, Radiant and Dire, with each team made up of five players. The matches between these teams is largely the focus of Data 2 online betting, with punters trying to guess which one will emerge triumphant from the battles in which they engage. The objective is to accomplish the destruction of the Ancient belonging to the other team, this being a large structure situated inside each base. Players are able to choose from more than 100 different heroes, each with unique playing styles and abilities, and these heroes start off at the first level, with game progression having the heroes accumulate experience, which is then used by the players to upgrade stats and abilities.

The map which Dota 2 makes use of, and which those interested in Dota 2 online betting will have to familiarise themselves, has three diverse lanes: the top; mid; and bottom, and each of these lead towards the base belonging to the opposing team. These lanes generate waves of creeps every 30 seconds, and smiting these grants players’ heroes experience. Landing the killing blow will also have the hero awarded gold, and this can then be used to buy items from the various shops located within the map. Each lane is also home to three towers which attack creeps and heroes alike, whoever is closest to them, and these have to be destroyed in order to render the enemy base more vulnerable.

Tournaments and Dota 2 Online Betting

Those interested in Data 2 online betting particularly enjoy the Starladder tournament, which is possible the most well known event outside of The International. This tournament features some of the most excellent teams from China; Europe and the United States of America. There is an online group for each of the regions taking part, and those who manage to make the grade travel to the Ukraine, where the LAN event is held. The last season handed out more than $250 000 in prize money.

Thanks to the fact that many established bookmakers are now offering Data 2 online betting options like the sites at offering casino option to NZ gambling enthusiasts, punters can enjoy a safe, secure method of wagering on the outcomes of the exciting events that make up Dota 2.