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A Review of Kings Of Chicago Online Slot

Review of Kings Of Chicago Online Slot

Net Entertainment has stepped up the plate and has created the first of its kind video slot that combines classic video poker with classic slot play.

This slot is built on the backdrop of old Chicago with a lot of the colour schemes being black and white to create that feeling that you are in the 1910’s.

Kings of Chicago is a video slot with 3 rows and 5 cards where the player is dealt 15 cards every time the slot are played.

After all the cards have been put on the table, the Poker playing begins. A hand of 3 of the same kind or higher pays.

Kings Of Chicago Slot Interface

This online slot game has a very user-friendly interface, and comes with a lot of settings so you can customise your gaming experience to suite your needs.

You can switch the sound off if need be, and the game also has a fast deal function for those of you who want the computer to go ahead and deal. You just set the number of automatic rounds you want the computer to play for you, and then Kings of Chicago slot plays itself. You can always revert to the stop button which will automatically cancel the auto play function.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

Kings of Chaos was created to captivate the player’s attention, with all the frills of crime bosses, and gangsters’ faces on the back of the poker cards. This game uses one deck of cards that gets reshuffled on a regular basis.

The Joker card is similar to the Wild symbol in Kings of Chicago. The Joker has the ability to replace any other card on the table, and should you use the Joker to win a game, your winnings for that specific win will double immediately.

Scatter cards will yield winnings equal to what you would have won from 2 of the identical cards. When you land 3 or more of these Scatter cards, free deals will be activated. By securing 3 of these cards, you will receive 10 free deals, 4 Scatter cards will bring 15 free deals and an ultimate of 5 Scatter cards will activate a bonus of 30 free deals.

Playing Kings Of Chicago Slot

Kings Of Chicago Pay Table

Like checking out how pokies lines work, if you view the pay table for Kings of Chicago, it will provide a clear understanding of what combinations will result in winnings.

  • If you manage to land 3 cards of the same worth, it is called “Three of a Kind”.(J,J,J)
  • A Flush is 5 cards, all from an identical suit. (5 diamonds for example)
  • If you get 4 cards of exactly the same value, it is called “Four of a Kind” (7,7,7,7)
  • If you manage to get 5 cards in consecutive order, from an identical suit, this is a “Royal Flush”
  • If you have 5 cards in consecutive order, but from various suits, this is called a ”Straight” hand
  • If you have 5 cards in consecutive order, from an identical suite ranging from a 10 to the Ace, this is called a “Natural Royal Flush”
  • If you land 4 of the same value cards plus a Joker, this is referred to as “Five of a Kind”
  • If you have a hand of 5 cards in consecutive order from an identical suite, this is considered a “Straight Flush”
  • If you manage to draw an Ace, King, Queen and Jack from an identical suit and finish it off with a Joker, you have just played the hand of all hands, a “Royal Flush”