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Owl Eyes Online Casino Slot Summarized for Players

Owl Eyes is an online slot game, brought to you by Next Gen Studios. The game features an outstanding visual and audio design, based around the theme of a mystical forest at night. From the highly detailed and beautiful background, glittering with animated fireflies that swirl between tree trunks, to the ambient chirp of crickets that compliment the enchanting music, Owl Eyes can be counted among the best modern slot games.

The game play of Owl Eyes is equally as intriguing as the impressive theme. A five reel, 50 betting line system is utilised, with the player allowed to raise or lower betting line at will. This, combined with the interesting bonus mini-games, make Owl Eyes as pleasant to play, as it is to look at. Pay attention also to the gamble option, activated via the button on the user interface, which is an added extra touch that can be a game all of its own.

User Interface

The Owl Eyes slot game has a simple, user-friendly interface. The spin button is located on the bottom right, stylised to appear as if it has been overgrown by branches. Like setting buttons found at the sites of same category, on the bottom left are the sets of buttons that control the lines and bet amount. Simply click the arrows to raise or lower either of these amounts. The current total balance can be seen via the window in the upper right.

Symbol Designs in Detail

The owl is the central focus of the game, which makes sense given the title of Owl Eyes. The design of the owl symbol itself is a wonder to behold. The symbol appears first as a pair of burning owl eyes, but, upon the symbol being matched, the frame animates and pulls back, revealing the full, magnificent owl. The beautiful bird will take off from his perch and fly towards the full moon, creating a silhouette of his enormous wingspan.

If the aesthetic beauty of the owl wasn’t enough to win you over already, the owl is also the wild symbol. This means that the owl will match with any other symbol, creating matching sequences where none were previously possible. Be sure to keep in mind, though, that the wild may not match with itself in this game.

Bonuses and Specials

The full moon is the scatter symbol in the Owl Eyes slot game. If the full moon matches, the player is granted five free spins. During the spins the owl symbol is stacked, meaning that it will occupy three consecutive spaces vertically. This, of course, allows for huge potential for creating winning sequences during each of the five free spins. Furthermore, an upfront payment will be granted when the scatter symbols initially match, the amount of which is determined by the upfront bet for that spin.

Also keep in mind that if the scatter symbol matches during any one of the free spins, the whole free spin sequence will be retriggered from the start, including the initial jackpot payment. Hence, a lucky player may keep the free spins rolling, watching as the cash comes rolling in.