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Napoleon Boney Parts Online Slots Guide

Created by Next Gen Studios, the Napoleon Boney Parts slot game is a delightful jaunt with a truly unique theme. The central character, Napoleon Boney Parts, is a skeleton bestowed with the gift of life, although this doesn’t seem to be especially unusual in the fantastical world this slot game is based around, since all skeletons are likewise up and about. The living skeletons are participating in an on going war, one which seems like it has numerous skeletal casualties. Napoleon Bony Parts, it seems, is the true incarnation of the real life man whose name he has partially borrowed, since his one ambition appears to be engaging in large scale battles.

On either side of the game area the player is treated to two of these skeletal soldiers, goofy looking characters who react to the proceedings of the game. Combined with the light hearted trumpeting music that accompanies each spin, and the distant sounds of war that can be heard when the reels are at a rest, the Napoleon Boney Parts slot game goes the whole nine yards to delight the player. The suitably cartoon-ish graphics are likewise engaging, making the slot game as a whole a note worthy achievement in the presentation department.

Game Play

The game play of the Napoleon Boney Parts slot game features a five reel, twenty five betting line system like this is found here also in many slots. The player is allowed to add or remove betting lines as they see fit, which is great for taking a strategic approach. Fans of more hands off slot games, however, may find that the system requires too much planning. Either way, the bonus features of the game are sure to delight both amateur and experienced players, and are certainly worth a look.

An extra feature that is worth a mention is the gamble feature, activated via a button in the bottom right. After achieving a win, click this symbol to get a fifty per cent chance at doubling it, or losing it altogether.

Bonus Features and Symbols

Napoleon Boney Parts was certainly going to play a big role on a casino online games titled with his name. He is the wild symbol, which can be recognised by his large blue hat and the arrogant expression on his skinless pace. This, of course, means that he may match with any other symbol to create matching sequences. In other words, you’ll learn to love the silly skeleton rather quickly.

A few other symbols to look out for are the lady skeleton, recognisable waving her handkerchief, and one of Napoleons warships. These two symbols are by far the most valuable, and will payout huge amounts if landing in matching sequences.

The Napoleon Boney Parts slot game has one of the more amusing and interesting bonus mini-games in modern slot games. Upon matching the scatter symbol the mini-game will be launched. The player is asked to pick Napoleon Boney Parts apart, which is done by selecting parts of his skeleton to remove. If the correct pieces are chosen, Napoleon will collapse, granting a large jackpot prize. The animation and presentation of this game are an absolute delight, and full credit goes to the developers for this extra mile of effort.