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Let’s Have a Look at the Types of Buffets for a Casino Party

Casino themed party ideas are a dime a dozen, but many hosts find themselves at a loss when it comes to deciding which food to serve at the party. If you’re planning on offering plenty of casino games on the evening, you don’t want your guests to be hindered by having to find a place to sit to enjoy their meal, especially if what you’re serving requires cutlery, and that’s why canapes are generally a fantastic option. However, coming up with a fantastic variety of canapes can be time-consuming, expensive, and nerve-wracking, so why not save yourself a lot of stress by simply opting for a casino style buffet instead? Take a look at options for a few buffet style variations.

Basic Casino Food Buffet

If you’re keen on big flavours but haven’t got a huge budget, we suggest sticking to delicious and cost-effective finger foods to ensure that you don’t break the bank. Go for a ‘Golden Treasure’ theme with fried foods such as potato wedges or fries, mini chicken schnitzels, fish fingers, cheese sticks, crumbed mushrooms, and chili poppers. Offer a variety of fresh dipping sauces as well as some healthy options still in the theme such as pineapple chunks, cheese and crackers, and apple and pear spears.

Dessert and Sweet Treats Buffet

The greatest advantage to having a dessert buffet is that it can be as simple or elaborate as your budget allows. If you’re rich in time, but limited in budget, we suggest making the desserts you will be serving such as mini cheesecakes, doughnuts, brownies, and even an ice-cream sundae bar with toppings and sauces which guests can put together themselves. Delicious sweet treats will draw out even the most reclusive online blackjack Canada player and you’ll have everyone licking their lips in anticipation! If your budget allows for it, approach a bakery to make mini desserts in the perfect casino theme.

Gambling Inspired Buffet

Take your casino buffet to the highest level by creating a gambling-inspired food selection. Cut melon into spade, club, and diamond suite shapes, make your own finger sandwiches and cut them into diamond and heart cart suite shapes with a cookie cutter. Make sure to not overfill your sandwiches before pressing out the shapes to avoid it becoming a big mess! Stack round crackers with cucumber and cheese rounds to resemble poker chips, and offer foil-covered chocolate coins for dessert.

Budget Blowing Gourmet Buffet

A true gourmet buffet is a sight to behold at any big casino and any player who wins big will want to celebrate in a big way too! If you’re hoping to give your party guests the ultimate ‘high-roller’ feeling, then a properly executed gourmet buffet is an absolute must. Go for prosciutto wrapped asparagus, crab-stuffed mushrooms, lobster cheese puffs, mini shrimp cocktails, artichoke and bacon bites, bruschetta with fresh toppings topped with pine nuts, and a selection of fresh breads and cheeses, and charcuterie.

Seafood Buffet

The most expensive buffet you could ever hope to offer is a seafood buffet, which takes careful planning and consideration. Offer sushi and oysters on ice as cold options, as well as plenty of warm options such as popcorn shrimp, teriyaki shrimp rolls, crab cakes, crab puffs, mini croissants stuffed with lobster and fried calms. Offer dipping sauces and rolls, fresh vegetables and fruits as side dishes.