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A Quick Glance at Sic Bo by RTG

Having originated in China, Sic Bo is a favourite casino game, both online and offline. Realtime Gaming, or RTG, has created its own version and if you’re looking to start playing the game this is a good introduction. Strong animations and graphics combined with simple rules allow the game to deliver solid experiences, and allow players to develop their skills over time. To find out more about playing RTG’s version, keep reading.

Basic Principles

Sic Bo is an interesting blend of strategy and chance, and involves using a vibrating platform known as a Dice Shaker to roll 3 dice. The physical shaker of land-based games is reproduced in the online versions using animations and random number generation, and in the case of RTG this is done with enough skill and guaranteed standards to create an authentic experience, and the Dice Shaker is actually known throughout the industry as being exceptionally well executed. Players need to make their bets on how the dice will land before they’re rolled, with over 50 combinations being possible with the 3 dice.

Betting Options

With RTG’s version of Sic Bo, you can choose to put down anything from 1 to 100 credits on each bet. This is done by setting an Amount Per Click, which can then be adjusted. The basic betting choices in a game are outlined below:

  • One, Two or Three of a Kind: A specifically predicted number appears on 1, 2 or 3 of the dice faces respectively.
  • Any Three of a Kind: Any number appears on each die, and is not specified.
  • Duo: 2 different predicted numbers appear on 2 of the dice.
  • You can also put money on whether the dice total will be odd or even, except when a Three of a Kind is rolled.
  • Small and Big Wagers: Sic Bo actually means Small Big, and is probably named after these bets. Different areas on the Payout Table are called Small and Big, and the bets you place here pay out even money. Small Bets stipulate that the sum of all 3 dice will be a specific number between 4 and 10, except when Three of a Kind is rolled. Big Bets are the same, but for totals between 11 and 17.

Tactical Sic Bo Decisions

Since the rolling of the dice is completely random, the skill in the game comes in placing shrewd wagers and this takes time to develop. Realtime makes it easier for players by displaying all possible choices on the pay tables, and there are plenty of online guides to show you the house edge and odds for every bet. In general, higher odds mean higher potential payouts – greater rewards for taking greater risks – so it depends on how lucky you’re feeling and how much you can afford to lose. For example, the odds for a Three of a Kind roll are 1 in 216, but the return is an equally impressive 150:1.

Practice Makes Perfect

When you play online like roulette at, you have unlimited resources at your fingertips, and you can apply new strategies and tricks as you learn them. This deepens game satisfaction and develops insights, and should ultimately help you to win more. Realtime Sic Bo also offers a no-deposit free play mode, to help you hone your skills and build your confidence. The more you practice, the more you’ll gain, and your only investment will be time.