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A Comprehensive Overview of Hand to Hand Combat

Hand to Hand Combat is a virtual scratch card style game. It was developed by Microgaming and it tries to bring a new spin to the scratch card world. Technology has resulted in a lot of competition and innovation in the gaming market and Hand to Hand Combat is a great example of a simple but smart and fun idea that has been integrated into online gaming.

The Rules Of Hand To Hand combat

Hand to Hand Combat is styled after a game of Rock Paper Scissors. If you aren’t familiar with this game it is quite simple. In real life you would use your hand to make one of three gestures. A closed fist represents Rock. An open hand would represent paper and two extended fingers from a closed hand would represent a pair of scissors. The object of the game is to face off against an opponent and either through change or skill, beat the hands your opponent shows. The Rock beats a pair of scissors, the Paper will beat a rock and the scissors will beat the paper.

How To Play Hand To Hand Combat

In Hand to Hand Combat, players purchase a lottery style ticket that has five covered spaces, just like a scratch card. You must now uncover the spots to reveal the symbols beneath them. You can either use your mouse to manually brush away the covering, just like an actual lottery ticket, or you can simply click a special button that will automatically clear the spots. This option is a great little edition to the game. Once the spots are uncovered you need to compare them to the other end of the card to see if the hand gestures of rock, paper or scissor defeats what your opponent has gestured. The tickets can be purchased for between $0.50 and $10. Each card has five symbols to reveal so this translates to either $0.10 or $2 a scratch. What will really drive up your wins is how the game’s multiplier works.

The Hand To Hand Combat Bonus Multiplier

Hand to Hand Combat does not feature any jackpots or progressive bonuses. Instead it features a stacking win multiplier. Each time that you defeat an opponent with your scratch card, you will get a multiplier attached to your winnings. For each consecutive win, this multiplier will increase, up to a maximum of a 100 x win multiplier.

About Rock Paper Scissors

The modern day version of rock-paper-scissors finds its origin in a Japanese game called Jan-Ken. This game was based on a series of hand gesture based games called Sansukumi-Ken. Jan-Ken uses the familiar hand gestures of a fist, an open palm and the scissors. The game is supposed to represent the battle between the three elements of rock, wood and iron. A variation on the hand gestures resulted in another popular game representing a fox called Kitsune, a wealthy Baron and a hunter, with the fox outsmarting the Baron, the Baron beating the Hunter and the Hunter beating the Fox.

The In Game Options

On screen you will find the Stake button. This will allow you to alter your online blackjack wager size. In Hand to Hand Combat this means what the price of the ticket is that you wish to purchase. Next to the Stake button you will see the New Card button that lets you get a new Hand to Hand Combat ticket. Reveal All is the button you want to click if scratching off all the symbol coverings manually with your mouse is just too much effort.