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I paint to express myself with total freedom. I work on a variety of themes that enable me to explore the many moods and feelings of modern man as he relates to others and to the world in which he lives. I use various surfaces and materials although oil painting remains my preference.

The rhythmic language of poetry and dance are a source of inspiration. The balance and harmony of the human body in motion strike me. The relationship between man and woman is a privileged theme as clearly exhibited by my work.

My paintings display a spontaneous gesture that creates both abstract and figurative themes on the same work. I am more interested in expressing feelings and emotions than in trying to represent objective reality or to get involved in some sort of "aesthetic pursuit".

As I explore the canvas by superimposing lines, colors and various textures, by applying formal elements in a vivid and dynamic way, the basic theme and structure of my painting emerge. This intuitive and emotional approach is the point of departure of all of my work. Everything stems from the inner self.

As one silently looks at one of my paintings, I like to think that this experience gives birth to a dialog between the viewer, the artist and art itself. My approach to art is akin to my approach to life. I seek freedom of expression which can only be achieved by producing art in an unrestrained authentic way. I do not wish to "explain" things, I only wish to "express" my feelings and emotions. This is the sole reason for which I paint. For me, art must be and remain the language of the soul.

Gisèle L'Épicier

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